Friday, April 15, 2005


Oldboy (올드보이)

Oldboy (올드보이) If you are imprisoned for 15 years, without being told why and for how long, what would you do when you get out? If you have to choose between revenge and finding out the reason of the imprisonment, which one would you choose? This is the choice Oh Des-su has to make at the beginning of the movie "Oldboy" ("올드보이").

I missed the "Oldboy" when it was shown at the 23rd San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival. I can't wait for any longer, and I have to go see it today when it's opened in the theaters. Oh boy, what a sick and terrific film! I am sure I gasped, screamed, closed my eyes, and laughed numerous times during the film. This is a movie experience you do not want to miss.

Remember what I said about another Korean film "The Isle" ("섬")? Well, "Oldboy" is just as gruesome as "The Isle," if not more. However, you don't feel any exaggeration at all, and the characters did what they have to do after the chain of events. There are so many secrets and mysteries in the film, so go see it before anybody spoils the story for you.

I think now Korean films officially contain as much sadomasochism as Japanese films, if not more. Look, even "My Sassy Girl" has physical abuse going on, and that's a comedy! Does anybody have a Korean boyfriend or girlfriend? I wonder if there will have blood involved.

My rating: 10 out of 10.

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