Sunday, March 19, 2006


The Achievers

The Achievers "The Achievers" is based on the play is an energetic film about a few roommates (all Asian) in LA who try to figure out which path they should take ahead of their lives, because at this moment, they realize that the paths they have been taken might not be what they want. This film has a few well-developed Asian American characters which we don't see quite often in American films. It's so refreshing to see all of them in one film, with full house of Asian. These characters all have their own problems. Murphy wants to be a writer other than writing fortune cookies. Well educated Ellen is looking forward her marriage and being part of the corporate world. Akira deals with the resentment emotion with her dying father. Quiet "invisible" Trent is obsessed with downloading porn day after day. Shingo is doing nothing but watching TV and getting high on drugs, hopefully making some money somehow. The terrific performance from all the casts, especially Akie Kotabe who plays the funny Shingo, is like the icing on the cake, which is made from a great script. I especially appreciate the fact that this film is trying to make a point about the lacking of masculinity Asian American images in the mainstream media in the America. With a low budget like $50,000, this is an impressive film and a celebration to the new faces of Asian American media.

My rating: 8 out of 10.

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