Tuesday, April 4, 2006



Factotum USA/Norway (English speaking) film "Factotum" is based on Bukowski's novel "Factotum" and his other books. Matt Dillion plays a drunk womanizer who loves to write. He drinks day and night while writing short stories and hooking up with women. He can't hold any single job, because he doesn't want to work. All he wants is to drink, fuck, and write. Sometimes gamble too.

Dillon's performance is impressive and his voice reminds me how Jack Nicholson talks, perhaps he watches too many Nicholson's movies. Lili Taylor who plays Dillon's girlfriend is simply amazing. I admire her courage to take up this role as an equally drunk as Dillon and cooking eggs without butter, and in her undie. However, Marisa Tomei's character is quite dull though. Somehow, she seems still live in the shadow of "My Cousin Vinny."

This film has a lot wonderful lines. That doesn't surprise me because it's adapted from the Bukowski's work. This movie will be shown at the upcoming 49th San Francisco International Film Festival as well.

My rating: 7 out of 10.

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