Tuesday, April 4, 2006


One Long Winter Without Fire (Tout un hiver sans feu)

Tout un hiver sans feu The Switzerland film "One Long Winter Without Fire" (Tout un hiver sans feu) is about a couple living on a farm grieving the death of their five years old daughter.

Although the performance was great and the film has a lot potentials, but I just don't find anything new or refreshing in this film. We all expect that it's extremely hard for parents who lost a young child, so we observe that they are sad in the film. Anything else? If I had not seen "In the Bedroom," I probably have thought this is a brilliant film to explore the subtle emotions of these characters and the interaction between the two grieving parents. However, everything seems made from recycled materials in this film. Actually there is nothing wrong with using recycled materials, when you don't notice it and didn't read the fine print. If you watch this film alone, sure, not bad. But somewhere, I read the fine print.

This film will be shown at the upcoming 49th San Francisco International Film Festival.

My rating: 5 out of 10.

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