Monday, July 24, 2006


Only Human (Seres queridos)

Seres queridos I got an invitation today for a pre-screening of a Spanish film "Only Human" (Seres queridos). Peter joined me for the prescreening this evening.

It's surprisingly enjoyable comedy even its subject matter is shadowed by the current escalated conflic in the Mideast between Israel and the Arabic. I laughed a lot during the film and amused by its sharp tongued humor: "There'll be peace in Israel before your father gives me an orgasm!"

In Spain, Leni brings her Palestine boyfriend Rafi back home to meet her Jewish family. Because Rafi has an Israeli passport, the family thinks that he is a Jew. When the truth gradually comes to light, the family spins into chaos. Actually without Rafi's visit, the family is already on the edge to explode.

The film indeed contains some toilet and physical humor, and the plot sometimes gives the way to comedy but logic. However, the dialogues (the subtitles) are wittily written and they made the movie very entertaining and we will forgive about those flaws.

My rating: 7 out of 10.

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