Wednesday, July 19, 2006



Tully By total accident, I picked up a movie called "Tully" from the San Francisco Public Library. It turns out to be a fantastic film!

Tully is the name of the elder son living on a farm with his younger brother and his dad in Nebraska. Tully is hot and outgoing. His brother is sensitive and smart. Their dad is working hard to keep the family together after the boys mom "died." Then the bank's letter warns that the farm will be foreclosed due to the family's debt. It turns out that there are so much drama waiting for everyone to deal with.

"Tully" reminds me why I love cinema so much, I mean love the good ones. Within 100 minutes, I learn so much of these characters including their personalities, their emotions, and their minds. They stick with me. The movie doesn't use fancy high tech special effects or so-called "cutting edge" experimental techniques. It just takes its time to tell us a compelling story. I start to care about these characters and they become alive in my mind even after the film is over.

Maybe somehow I can identify with these characters. I can understand the boys' pain of longing for mom. I can understand the sacrifice one is willing to make for his family. I can understand the heavy burden to carry a secret in one's daily life. Even the farm reminds me the time when I visited Jamie's (my ex-boyfriend) parent's farm. I love this film.

My rating: 9 out of 10.

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