Friday, October 20, 2006


The Departed

The Departed I went to see "The Departed" with Eric. It's Martin Scorsese's remake of the Hong Kong film "Infernal Affairs" (無間道).

I am glad that I am like watching a complete new film, except I sorta know the plot even I saw the original one long long time ago.

Now the story is set in Boston. The police force installed a spy inside the mafia, while the mafia has an informant inside the police department. The game is to find out the "rat" from each other.

Martin Scorsese indeed is a master of filmmaking. With the first class star powers, this film is very entertaining and engrossing. I probably would have enjoyed much more if I had not known the plot from the original Hong Kong film.

Although the dialogues are completely rewritten with the word "fuck" is spoken 226 times (definitely not that vulgar in Chinese), I still can't get over the bitterness that they have to remake a pretty darn good film.

So, no matter how great Scorsese does it, it's a remake and not original.

My rating: 7 out of 10.

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