Tuesday, November 7, 2006


Copying Beethoven

Copying Beethoven I skipped the gym today to attend the pre-screening of "Copying Beethoven" at the Embarcodero Theatre with Peter.

The film is a big disappointment. No matter how much effort Ed Harris puts in, with a long curly hair wig, I just don't see Beethoven on the screen. I do hear Beethoven's music though, a lot of them in the film. Sometimes I want to close my eyes to enjoy the music instead of watching these actors trying so hard on the big screen without a clue. It definitely needs new toner for copying Beethoven.

The movie is a story about this young woman who works as Beethoven's assistance to copy music sheets for him. It would have been easier if Beethoven had a copy machine.

The Beethoven character keeps talking about the soul of music on the big screen, but that's exactly what lacks in this film. It doesn't have a compelling story to tell, even there are so much we want to know about Beethoven.

Watching this film, I think everybody would think about "Amadeus," a fantastic film about another great musician: Mozart.

But this film lacks both the imagination and the understanding of Beethoven.

My rating: 4 out of 10.

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