Saturday, November 25, 2006


My Mother the Mermaid (인어공주)


In "My Mother the Mermaid" ("인어공주"), Na-young works in a post office. She doesn't like her bad mannered abusive mother and her quiet mellow tempered father. After her father suddenly disappeared one day, she decided to visit the village where her parents met. Unexpectedly, she witnesses her parents' love story unfolding.

This is a typical sentimental Korean melodrama, without the tear jerking element. I wasn't moved by the film although I totally enjoy Park Hae-il's (박해일) adorable smile. I like him better in "Rules of Dating" (연애의 목적).

While the love story is sweet and tender, just like every Korean mellow drama does well, I just can't connect the dots and make sense about the characters. How did Na-young's parents change so dramatically when they grew older? The film shows complete different personalities at the beginning (and the end) of the film compared to the main story in the middle.

It should have been two films, and crudely, they are put together.

My rating: 6 out of 10.

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