Saturday, March 31, 2007


Made In Korea: A One Way Ticket Seoul-Amsterdam?

Made In Korea: A One Way Ticket Seoul-Amsterdam? Born in South Korea, In-Soo Radstake was adopted by a Dutch family when he was three months old in 1980. He grew up as a Dutch man, and didn't think about his Korean heritage, certainly knows little about it.

Twenty-six years later, he started to make contact with other Korean adoptee came to Netherland on the same flight with him, and eventually he began to search for his birth mother as well as his true identity. This engrossing documentary tells us his emotional and very personal journey.

Children-search-for-mother is a universal sentimental subject that almost never fails to be a tear jerker. So does this film. It's constantly a roller coaster ride of hope, frustration, despair, joy, confusion, anger, forgiveness, regret, love, sorrow, and pretty much every human emotion can get involved. We feel those emotions in Mr. Radstake's film.

However, I feel a little bit unsettling and start to have doubt about his true motivation to search for his birth mom. Is it because he wanted to make this film or is it because that he felt compelled to do so from the bottom of his heart?

And, is he more Korean now after his journey? Will he find his mom and meet her after so many years? I let you draw your own conclusion from this documentary.

My rating: 8 out of 10.


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