Monday, April 2, 2007


Shanghai Kiss

Shanghai Kiss We have seen so many Caucasian guys date Asian girls in films or on television. But rarely, we see Asian guys date a white girl on the screen. Well, the new comedy "Shanghai Kiss" gives us a few refreshing characters away from the regular boring recipes.

Liam Liu, terrifically played by Ken Leung, is a Chinese American actor from LA. Although he is not that lucky to be successful in the white washed Hollywood world, he is darn lucky with girls.

First, on a bus, he was picked up by a 16 years old blond Adelaide, and believe it or not, she falls in love with him. Then everywhere he goes, he always can get involved with another girl without even trying. When he goes to Shanghai to handle his inherited estate, he begins to rediscover his identity and his relationships while getting lost in translation -- he doesn't even speak Chinese.

Ken's character is a smooth talker with girls and never runs out of things to say. I really enjoy the fast paced quirky dialogues in the film, naturally delivered by Ken Leung. They are funny, witty, entertaining, sometimes even offensive: "This is Jewish heaven" because you don't need to tip in Shanghai.

I don't really buy that a teenager girl would hit on him on a bus and becomes obsessed about him. But, I don't care. The film works for me because it cheerfully presents us Ken's character, and it doesn't shy away from showing his emotions, not in a cheesy way. I normally would shrug off the so called "romantic comedy" genre, but this movie made me laugh with Ken's romantic experiences and by the end of the film, I like this guy. I think I would give him my email if I meet him on the bus, not sure if he will write me back though since he is so busy with girls.

I never figure out why every time he sleeps with a girl, he cries. No, I don’t think they are tears from joy or happiness for getting laid. It's kinda funny but weird to me.

Of course, sometimes the acting in the film is way over the top, and plot is not really believable. But that's what I would expect from a "romantic comedy," and I can certainly overlook those flaws when I can hang out with Ken Leung on the big screen.

My rating: 7 out of 10.


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