Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Frameline 2007 - Nina's Heavenly Delights

Nina's Heavenly Delights "Nina's Heavenly Delights" (UK 2006, 96 min., shown at Frameline 31) tells a story of a young woman returns to Glasgow to run her deceased father's curry house, where she finds love.

Nina returns to Glasgow (in Scotland, I didn't know before the film) after her father died. The family runs an Indian restaurant and she decides to take over and tp compete in a cooking competition. She not only found her childhood memory of her father's cooking, but also love.

This is a light brainless comedy/drama with curry flavor and Scottish accent. It uses cooking as the background for the plot, but the cooking on screen just doesn't cut it, especially if one has seen "Eat Drink Man Woman 饮食男女)." Ok, maybe I am partial on Indian food, they might taste good, but just not very pleasing to look at. Besides the filmmaker borrows the Iron Chef setup straightly into this film, can't the directory come up something original?

So the cooking part didn't quite work out. What to do? The filmmaker throws in queer element to this film. One of the characters is a flamboyant Indian dancer with his equally gay dance partners. The purpose of their existence? I guess so this film can be submitted to Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. Ok, so this doesn't work out either to the film, then what about a lesbian screen romance? That might get more people from another group of audience?

I think this film is a mess, although it's definitely better looking than other low budget films. Therefore if one can enjoy the accent (and actually understand what they are saying) and don't mind the cheesy story, they might have a good time. If they watch it in a big theatre with many queer folks, they might just have a great time laughing out loud.


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