Sunday, June 17, 2007


Frameline 2007 - Red Without Blue

Red Without Blue Documentary "Red without Blue" (USA 2007, 74 min., shown at Frameline 31) is not easy to watch. It's very emotional and touching.

Born in 1983, twins Mark and Alex Farley grew up as typical American boys in Montana, until they reach their early teens. Their lives became nothing but typical. The twins are devastated by the difficulties in accepting their sexuality and identity. Fast forward to today, Mark lives with his boyfriend in San Francisco, and Alex becomes Clair living in New York.

This fascinating and personal film reveals the troubled path that Mark and Clair have gone through, and the film tells the story of their struggle to be accepted for who they are after they figure out who they are.

It's a journey no one wants to take, but the twins somehow manage to reach the destination. It's almost like a miracle.

It's remarkable that the filmmakers are able to get the family and the twins to tell their intimate story in great details. Actually, Mark was filmmaker's housemate first, then they become close friends. I certainly appreciate the twins for sharing their sympathetic story with great courage and honesty.

This is a very good documentary that should not be missed.


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