Friday, July 13, 2007



Interview Before Dutch director Theo van Gogh was murdered in 2004, he wanted to remake three of his films in English, set in New York City (should have been San Francisco), called "Triple Theo" project.

After his death, in order to realize his vision, American filmmakers are making his three films. "Interview" (USA 2007, 83 min.) is one of them. It opens on July 20th in the Bay area theatres.

In "Interview," director Steve Buscemi plays Pierre Peders, a journalist who is on an assignment to interview a celebrity actress. The bumpy start of the interview leads to a word play and truth seeking game between the two characters.

Watching this film is like watching a tango dance. However, instead using legs, they dance with their words and minds, gracefully.

Although the setup of the plot is a little stretchy and I must overlook so many details to believe the story, luckily, the verbal exchange is engaging and sharp. The film is about these two characters, and it doesn't leave me much time to think about the flaws in the plot.

The film is almost entirely set in the actress's funky loft, which has more props to use than in another two-people-talking film: "In Bed." Even though "Interview" is not at the same level as "In Bed," it's still a piece of admirable work with solid performances from the two lead actors (is there anybody else in the film?).

Now, I should go and interview somebody.

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