Thursday, October 18, 2007


Lars and the Real Girl

After his Oscar nomination for his performance in "Half Nelson," talented Ryan Gosling gives another poignant performance in a new drama "Lars and the Real Girl" (USA 2006, 106 min.) as Lars, an awkward bachelor who becomes delusional. It's probably too early to say, but I surely hope he gets another node for Oscar.

Lars lost his mother at his birth. Growing up with his dad who suffers the pain from the lost, Lars becomes socially awkward. He avoids human contact and lives in the garage of his family house. But one day, everything is changed after he has a new girl in her life: Bianca - an anatomically correct live size doll he ordered from the internet. Lars believes Bianca is alive and real. Based on heartfelt love, advised by the family doctor, not only his brother and sister-in-law, but the entire community goes along with his delusion.

Ryan Gosling is so convincing as Lars that I have tears instead of laughter when he acts "crazy." Emily Mortimer is also amazing as Lars's sister-in-law. I especially love the small moments all over the film when actors communicate so much to each other with their subtle body language and expression, without a word. It's incredibly touching when the community welcomes Bianca into the community as if they are all delusional.

The humor in the film is good hearted when you go to see the film with educated audience. I am pleasantly surprised to find out that this film is directed by Craig Gillespie, who also directed "Mr. Woodcock", which I hate. Good turn around, Craig.

I am quite positive that my take on this film is not delusional.

the over all look and feel of Lars and the Real Girl reminded me a lot of Mozart the over all look and feel of Lars and the Real Girl reminded me a lot of Mozart and the Whale (Josh Hartnett plays a character resembling Ryan Gosling’s); both movies are about acceptance and unconditional love
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