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Let the Wind Carry Me (乘著光影旅行)

Let the Wind Carry Me If you were asked who Lee Ping-bin (Mark Lee 李屏賓) is, I doubt that many of you would know. Although you might have seen many Lee Ping-bin's work through over 50 films he shot behind the camera—you rarely have the chance to see him in front of the camera.

Director Chiang Hsiu-chiung (姜秀瓊, whose "Artemisia 艾草" is one of my top-ten films in 2009) and co-director Kwan Pun-leung (關本良) bring this award-winning Taiwan-born cinematographer Lee Ping-bin to the focus in an intimate documentary "Let the Wind Carry Me" (乘著光影旅行 | Taiwan 2010 | in Chinese | 88 min.).

It often intriguers me how distinct visuals in films such as the following have a lasting impression on me: "In the Mood for Love" (花樣年華), "Flight of the Red Balloon" (Le voyage du ballon rouge), "The Sun Also Rises" (太陽照常升起), "Café Lumière" (珈琲時光), "Air Doll" (空気人形), "Three Times" (最好的時光)... The list goes on.

Besides these remarkable films are all made by acclaimed auteurs, what else are these film in common? They are all shot by Lee Ping-bin (Mark Lee 李屏賓). He has an exquisite talent to tell a story by his unique visual style for his subject.

While this documentary affirms that statement by showing large amount of footage from Lee's work and from many interviews with renowned directors, it also provides a platform for soft-spoken, low-key, modest Lee to speak candidly about his work, his philosophy, his family, and his life in general.

Mark Lee in LET THE WIND CARRY ME playing at the SFiFF54

The film pays tribute to a talent artist, Lee Ping-bin, not only for his exceptional work, but for his inspiring integrity and charming character during the quest of pursuing his art.

The 54th San  Francisco International Film Festival, April 21 - May 5, 2011 "Let the Wind Carry Me" (乘著光影旅行) is showing at The 54th San Francisco International Film Festival, April 21 - May 5, 2011. Click on the SFiFF54 logo on the right for showtime and ticket information.


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