Thursday, June 1, 2006


Typhoon (태풍)

I have been cutting back on films because I have been so busy settling in my new place. But last night, I went to the free pre-screening of a new South Korean film "Typhoon" (태풍) hosted by the Center for Asian American Media. Unfortunately, it's such a big disappointment.

태풍 "Typhoon" (태풍) is a copycat of the big Hollywood summer action blockbuster. It has very little interesting stuff to show except huge explosions or car chase. Surely it looks like cost a lot to make with biggest stars in South Korea.

The story is bizarre to begin with. In the 80s, a family from North Korea defected to South Korea, but the South Korea didn't take them fearing it would damage the relationship with China. The whole family was killed except a brother and a sister survived. The boy later became a pirate who hates both North and South Korea and plans to attack them both. So, a handsome superman-alike hero is needed to save the world. He is a special agent from South Korea who actually "understands" and "connects" to the pirate, for whatever reason.

The whole plot is laughable and everything serves a purpose is to show how South Korean can make a Hollywood action film. It's really sad to see a film like this coming from South Korea. We don't need another Hollywood in Asia! Luckily there are still so many great South Korean films every year. If that doesn't work, we can still rely on the endless tear jerking South Korean soap opera.

My rating: 3 out of 10.

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