Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Law of Desire (La Ley Del Deseo)

La Ley Del Deseo I went to the screening of Pedro Almodóvar's 1987 film "Law of Desire" (La Ley Del Deseo). I wasn't impressed. I definitely like his recent films better.

The film is about this gay play writer Pablo who loves a young man named Juan. But Juan doesn't reply his letter or love him back. Later, Pablo meets Antonio, played by Antonio Banderas, as a sexual encounter. But Antonio becomes obsessed with Pablo and couldn't stand the fact that Pablo still loves Juan.

Sounds dramatic? Yes, and very campy. Mr. Almodóvar always wants to have a transsexual character in his film. It reaches to a point in this film that I suspect every women might be a transvestite, besides Pablo's sister.

I think this film will be a great crowd pleaser at the Castro Theatre, it actually won the Audience Award at the San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival. But I got bored after half an hour into the film. Besides, they talk really really fast. I can barely follow the subtitle flashing on the screen. Why does Spanish so fast? What's the hurry?

My rating: 5 out of 10.

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