Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Paradise Now (الجنة الآن‎)

الجنة الآن‎ I missed "Paradise Now" (الجنة الآن‎) during its theatrical run. It's not really a film I am looking forward to watch either. I feel I am so exhausted and completely despaired by the Israel and Arabic (not only Palestine) conflict.

Tonight, I finally finished "Paradise Now" (الجنة الآن‎). Indeed, it's not some light entertainment.

In the movie, two Palestinians Said and Khaled are sent to Tel-Aviv to below themselves up. But things didn't go as planned (I didn't get why). What to do next? While Said is determined to carry out the mission and Khaled started to have second thought.

The film did pretty well to get into Said's mind to show us why he wants to be a suicide bomber, but I have no idea why Khaled changed his mind. I am glad that film didn't portrait Said as a religious fanatic, however, I don't buy his logic for being a suicide bomber either.

I give the film some credits that it's dealing with a very difficult subject, but the truth is that I am not impressed by this film.

My rating: 6 out of 10.

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