Saturday, May 12, 2007


SFiFF2007 - Mukhsin

Mukhsin "Mukhsin" (Malaysia 2006, 95 min., shown at the 50th SFiFF) is probably the only Malaysia film I have ever seen, and it's quite cute and charming. It tells a story that most of us can related to at some point in our lives: fall in love with our best friends.

Orked is a quiet ten years old boy. He becomes best friends with Mukhsin, a twelve years old girl with a strong personality. They do ordinary things together like climbing a tree, flying a kite, playing sports, and riding bicycles. Orked began to fall in love with Mukhsin. Can they maintain their innocent friendship?

The film terrifically expresses the subtle feelings of these teenagers and gives us a profile of what life is like in the beautiful countryside of Malaysia. However, I think this film could have eliminated the subplot of the troubled brother who is drunk and away from home. It's simply a distraction from the main story and doesn't really contribute much to the main characters.

We all remember what it's like when we fall in love as a teenager, no matter where we live and what culture background we have. The feeling is universal and it's almost always bitter sweet. Watching this film makes me want to tell my own story: "when I was twelve years old..."

That nostalgia feeling is very seductive and lives with us forever.

So, when I was twelve years old, I fall in love with one my classmates...


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