Thursday, September 27, 2007


Feast of Love

Feast of Love I am not a big fan of romantic comedies, because many of them tend to be cliché and cheesy. However, even with somehow predictable and sentimental plots, I find "Feast of Love" (USA 2007, 102 min.) quite tender and satisfying.

Morgan Freeman plays a quiet observant professor who hangs out in a coffee shop most of the time during the day -- he is on leave of absence. The coffee shop owner, played by Greg Kinnear seems never have trouble to get involved with women, although he has a hard time to keep any of them. A young couples working in the coffee shop madly fall in love, but can they keep the love? It's a story about a group people, mgically gathered together, seek for the meaning of love and the endure the pain of fall in and out of love.

Based on the novel by Charles Baxter, the film is filled with interesting characters and terrific dialogues. Morgan Freeman's unforgettable confident voice shows us rich emotions deep inside the professor's heart. I am really impressed with Greg Kinnear's performance, because his character is so easy to become over the top, but Mr. Kinnear is able to find just the right tone for his character.

It's definitely an enjoyable film no matter one is in love or not, as long as not lack of "an appetite for love." Bring a date to this film is certainly recommended.

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