Saturday, March 18, 2006


Be with Me

Be with Me A very inspiring Singapore film "Be with Me" poetically explores the human desire of longing for love. The pictures shows a elder shopkeeper moans his passing wife, a fat awkward guy secretly admires a girl, and two high school girls madly fall in love, then maybe not. Through these three groups of seemingly unrelated people from different walk of lives, the picture shows us how universal and powerful the longing for love really is. Then the film cuts into its "documentary" element about Theresa Chan, whose real life autobiography is the inspiration of this film. Theresa Chan became deaf and blind since the age of fourteen. In the film, Theresa Chan (who plays herself) makes her life joyful and makes an incredible impact of the lives of others, and eventually connected those three group people blended in the movie. The cinematography of this film is simply amazing. It's the quiet type of film, out of ninety-three minutes, the film only has a two and a half minute dialogue. But strangely, it's not a depressing film. When the movie is over, you feel inspired by Theresa Chan.

When the credits roll, the casts are listed under three categories: "Mean to be," "Looking for love," and "So in love." I can't help but fitting myself in one of those categories. I found out that I can't be put into any one single category exclusively. Is that the message this film is trying to let me to take home with? We are all in this game longing for love, no matter who you are.

My rating: 9 out of 10.

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