Thursday, April 6, 2006


Friends with Money

Friends with Money "Friends with Money" is a cute comedy that actually really funny. I chucked so much during the film maybe because I have seen all those characters in real life. Sadly, I can even identify some of the character's behavior in myself, like when Frances McDormand's character Jan gets so worked up when somebody cut her off in the casher's line.

Four women are very good friends, three of them are married and are rich. The forth, played by Jennifer Aniston, is not rich, single, and works as a maid. How did she befriend with the other three rich women, I have no idea. But that's not quite important. What's interesting is how they react on daily events and how they interact with each other and the outsiders.

All of them know each other so well and yet they are very judgmental toward each other. While the film pokes fun at those rich women for their snobbish behaviors, but it's not with mean spirited. It treats those characters as normal people with flaws and observes. Of course, then we laugh at them.

Frances McDormand plays a designer with a husband who everyone thinks he is gay. She marvelously stands out in this film, and she deserves an Oscar nomination for her fantastic performance in this role. I need a comedy after all the stress and so many dramas I have seen lately.

So, yeah, why do those rich people have to spend so much money to attending a fancy dinner and parties? Why can't they just give the money to the charity directly? This is the why I normally don't donate cash directly to a charity because I hate to see them use that cash to hire a six figure salary director or throw in lavish parties. I like to actually put in my work so I can see it when I am done.

My rating: 8 out of 10.

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