Thursday, April 6, 2006


In Bed (En la Cama)

En la Cama The Chilean film "In Bed" (En la Cama) works for me. Perhaps I like to talk myself, so I also love movies that their characters talk, especially when they have something interesting to say. So no surprise, I also love "Before Sunrise" and "Before Sunset."

"In Bed" is entirely shot in a motel room with only two characters during its entire 85 minutes. Yet, it engrosses me intensely, despite the moaning at the opening scene seems a little too loud for me when they were having sex.

Bruno and Daniela met at a cafe, and they went back to the motel room. They had sex. Then they talked. Yes, not only smoked cigarettes, but talked after sex! They almost never stopped talking for most of the night before and after they made love again and again. They started to know each other more, even they didn't intend to: that was supposed to be a one night stand. They discover the biggest lies as well as the truth from each other.

These two characters are so interesting that I want to hear the answers for those questions being asked by these two people. I want to know them better myself if I were in bed with either of them. Ok, I can only be in bed with that hunky guy. Scratch that. I will only want to talk to either of them. It's fascinating to engaging in a conversation with them.

En la Cama

To tell a story in one motel room with only two people during the entire film is already an achievement. When it contains so much witty conversation, it becomes a brilliant accomplishment. I know it's extremely rare for me to give a movie 10 out of 10, but this one deserves the 10 from me.

My rating: 10 out of 10.


I have heared good reviews about this film too. I've been hoping to watch it but I've already scanned different video stores that I know of, but they really don't have a copy.

And like you, I also love before sunrise and before sunset. It's from the same yahoo group that I have heared about this movie, and so, I am intruigued by it. ;-)
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