Tuesday, May 16, 2006


The Proposition

The Proposition Today I went to a prescreening of an Australian film "The Proposition." I never been a big Western fan, and this film is mildly interesting to me, even it's quite big in Australia (it got 12 nominations for Australian Film Institute Awards). As the title suggested, the film is about a "proposition." Set in the late 19th century in Australia, Captain Stanley captured two of the four outlaw Burns brothers, Charlie and Mike, who were responsible of murdering and raping at a farm. Stanley proposed that if Charlie could go find and kill his brother Arthur, who was still at large, then they could go free. Otherwise, his baby brother Mike would be hung on Christmas Day.

For some reason, all the characters speak in very low voice, trying to sound deep or powerful. But the problem is that it's so hard to hear what they are saying, on top of the Aussie accent. But even the plot as simple as it is, it left me so many holes with the details. Quite often, I don't really know what happens on the screen and why. As far as a Western goes, the film is great to look at, especially the sunset. And it's nothing like Sydney.

My rating 6 out of 10.

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