Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Heading South (Vers le sud)

Vers le sud I know a lot Americans guys travel to Thailand for young girls, and a lot German guys travel to Hungry for young boys. But I never know that sex tourism also include middle aged white women going to Haiti in the 70s for young black guys. That's a story a new film "Heading South" (Vers le sud) is telling.

Three mid-aged North American women (two Americans and one Canadian) went to Haiti for summer vacation in the 70s, soaking in the sun and their desire for beautiful young Haitian boys. They have what those boys don't have: money and social status. The boys have what the ladies don't have: their youth and bodies. When two of the three ladies want the same handsome 18 years old Legba, the vacation is over.

This is an excellent film. I love this film for its brutal honesty, its originality, its thought provoking subject, and its terrific performance. Money liberates these ladies' sexuality, but can money buy love that they really desire for? Isn't it interesting that these ladies wouldn't lay their eyes on a black guy back home, but they are lusting after these young men in the poorest country? What made the connection between them here in Haiti?

I always love Charlotte Rampling's work. She is just as brilliant as always. Karen Young looked so familiar to me, but sitting in the theatre, I couldn't remember what movie she was in. Now I realize that she was in "Torch Song Trilogy," one of my favorite film. And Ménothy Cesar won an award at Venice Film Festival playing Legba. Oh, what a nice body he has!

My rating: 9 out of 10.

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