Thursday, September 21, 2006


The Queen

The Queen "The Queen" is a fictional (really?) drama, a behind the scene look at the royal family during the week after Princess Diana's death. It shows how delightedly Prime Minister Tony Blair tried to persuade the Queen Elizabeth to come back to London to respond to the grief from the public.

As a drama, this film is quite an achievement with impressive performance from Helen Mirren as the queen and Michael Sheen as Tony Blair. Mrs. Mirren does a terrific job creating a complex character and shows us the human side of the queen, contrary to what we normally see her as a public figure.

But the irony really lies on the subject itself. While the film implies paparazzi are to blame for Diana's death, this film is exactly doing the same: to poke inside the royal family to have a so called "inside look."

To me, the monarchy is simply a joke. It's ok to be born rich. But how could somebody to be the leader and ruler simply because who his or her parents are? That's simply absurd. I think Bush totally invaded the wrong country. United Kingdom is really Bush should build the democracy upon by bombing the monarchy back to the stone age.

Because of this ridiculous monarchy system, the queen can not (or is not supposed to) display her emotion publicly. The queen has to be unlike everyone else, while deep inside she actually is deeply emotional, and an extraordinary woman.

That's what this movie is worth of seeing about, to see a few wonderful complex characters while chuckling along the way for the ludicrous royal custom. While the film claims it's a fiction, the heavy usage of real life footages and the convincing performance makes us think otherwise.

And, how unfair it is during the entire film we never got to see any image of the two princes: William and Henry. Hello? The film is telling a story about mourning a woman who was their mom?

I love the characters in the film, but I couldn't care less about the story.

My rating: 6 out of 10.

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