Monday, October 30, 2006


The Coast Guard (해안선)

해안선 I didn't like "The Coast Guard" (해안선) as much.

South Korean's coast line is guarded by wired fences. If one is found on the beach after sunset, they can be shot at by the coast guard as spies.

That's exactly a dedicated (or obsessed) coast guard Kang Sang-byeong wants to do: kill spies. But there is one big problem, there are few spies, if any at all. Surrounded these young, horny, buffed, cute coast guards are civilians. So, one tragedy simply leads to another one.

While there are a few very shocking scenes, which I will not reveal, but most of time I actually see these young soldiers wrestling in the mud, sleeping on a bunk beds (I wonder what happens when the light goes off, like when I was in the middle school), playing silly games etc.

Homoerotic? I am not sure if that was director's intension, but I definitely enjoy looking at them doing all those stuff.

But the fun stops there. The story is bizarre and is pieced together to serve for the scenes Kim wants to create.

These coast guards live totally isolated and can do whatever they want themselves. I just don't buy it.

I get tired of watching the screen time showing how crazy the characters get after the traumatizing events. What's the point? We know they are crazy already, why recycle the same thing again and again without any new development?

This will be a fun film at a gay party, especially when people don't pay much attention to the subtitle or the story, just watch how they wrestle with the mud without a shirt will be entertaining enough.

My rating: 5 out of 10.

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