Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Man Push Cart

Man Push Cart I went to the pre-screening of "Man Push Cart" (opens on Dec. 8).

"Man Push Cart" tells a story about a Pakistan who works at his coffee and donuts stand on a street corner in New York City every morning. We were told that he used to be a singer in Pakistan, now he struggles to get by after his wife died and his son is taken away by his mother in law.

Why? What happened? Why should I be interested in this guy's life? The film didn't answer. It just keeps "documenting" this poor guy's depressing miserable life in the cold dark New York City.

I am so bored by this film and don't buy the story at all.

At one point, when he left his coffee/donut cart for a moment to buy a toy on the street, his cart was stolen. He ran around searching between the streets, but his cart is nowhere to be found.

That's just laughable.

We observe that he can hardly even pass between the cars that jammed up on the street, and his cart is about the size of a big truck. How in the world can that cart disappear so quickly if it were not abducted by aliens? And this film is supposed to be so realistic documentary style that observes this man's life quietly.

And the title of this film is called "Man Push Cart." Well, he never pushes the cart, he pulls, all the time. Even in the poster.

My rating: 2 out of 10.

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