Monday, December 11, 2006


Blood Diamond

Blood Diamond Tonight, I went to see "Blood Diamond" at Metreon.

I want to see this film mostly because I want to see Leonardo Cappuccino (that's how I remember his name). Well, he didn't disappoint me, but the film did.

"Blood Diamond" tells a story about a South African diamond smuggler (Leonardo) in the 1990s in Sierra Leone. He helped to save the family of a black fish man, with the help from an American journalist. In return, he tried to get a big diamond the fish man found and hid.

So it's an action flick and things constantly blow up like in today's Iraq. Leo is running around in blood like a superman. They just kept fighting on screen for about two hours and half. I was exhausted. Is there anything new?

I do like some of the lines exchanged between the characters. But those are too rare moments compared to all the running and shooting.

Oh, yeah, it's supposed to be that way. After all, it's called "Blood Diamond."

Why the hell do people want to wear diamonds anyway?

My rating: 5 out of 10.

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