Sunday, December 3, 2006


산산이 부서진 이름이여

산산이 부서진 이름이여 While I skip writing about some other films I watched last few days, I can't go to sleep without mentioning a Korean film called "산산이 부서진 이름이여." I have no idea what the English title should be because I watched it with Chinese subtitle.

Qian Hai (침해) is a 19 years old monk assisting the head monk Yi in the temple. Qian Hai was found on the beach by Yi when he was an infant, and he was adopted by the monks and grew up in the temple without accessing outside world.

One day Qian Hai met a young nun Miao Hun (묘흔) from another temple, and he begins his struggle to suppress his desire toward Miao Hun because even the thought itself is forbidden by the Buddhism teaching.

This film is very Asian. It conveys the emotions between the characters by how they look at each other, how they behave in front of each other, and then how they speak to each other. Many times, so much are being said without a single word but a deep look into the eyes.

This is a really sweet film with the precise and subtle performance by the very cute 최진영 as the young monk Qian Hai.

My rating: 8 out of 10.

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