Saturday, January 6, 2007


Little Children

I have wanted to see "Little Children" for a while and I have never got around to it. I have a feeling that if I delay any longer, it won't be showing in theatres any more, I would have to wait for way much longer for a DVD. So even it was a picture perfect day, I decided to go to see it at Presidio Theatre, which I have never been to.

Little Children "Little Children" is directed by Todd Field who also directed the brilliant "In the Bedroom." I am delighted to see his new film, even it's a little late.

"Little Children" focus on a few suburban married women, and men with kids, especially Sarah and Brad. They hang out in the playgrounds and the swimming pool to go on with their "normal" middle class lives. However, Sarah finds the courage to pursue her hunger for passion and rediscover her sexuality, with Brad.

What's remarkable about this film is that these suburban folks are ordinary people, except that pedophile character that I can't say is ordinary, but a well-written character nevertheless. The film digs deep in how these people deal with each other and diligently shows us their emotion. This film intelligently tells absorbing stories surround them and makes the audience to think long after the film is over.

However, I do feel that voice over sometimes annoying. I don't know whose voice it was, because it doesn't belong to any one in the film. Although something the voice said at the end of the film is quite insightful:

"We can no longer change the past, but the future could be a different story. But it has to start from somewhere."

Yeah, my future has to start somewhere if I want it to be a different story.

My rating: 8 out of 10.

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