Saturday, February 3, 2007


The Astronaut Farmer

The Astronaut Farmer This morning, I went to a pre-screening of "The Astronaut Farmer" at Metreon. It will open on Feb. 23.

In "The Astronaut Farmer," Billy Bob Thornton plays Charles Farmer (I know, a confusing name), an ex-astronaut who never made to the space but retired to a farm in Texas. To keep his dream of going to the space alive, he builds a rocket in his garage, instead of feeding the cows and his family. And who helps him? His 15 years old son. Is that possible? Well, we all know that anything is possible in a Hollywood film.

However ridiculous and laughable the plot may sound, the film does have its humorous moments and it's a feel good film, if you can believe what happens on screen for one second. Charles Farmer's obsession (I don't think it's a passion) to enter the space is almost absurd, but he is absolutely charming at a government hearing for his rocket launch application.

Government Official: "Mr. Farmer, how do we know you are not constructing a WMD?"
Farmer: "Because if I were building a weapons of mass destruction, you wouldn't be able to find it."

I love Billy Bob Thornton playing "bad guy" characters with quirky smart ass comments like in "Bad Santa." It really surprised me to see him playing a positive minded "good guy" in "The Astronaut Farmer." However, I am not sure if he read the shaky script before he accepted the role.

Building a rocket in your garage with a teenager? Are you out of your mind?

My rating: 5 out of 10.

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