Tuesday, February 13, 2007



At the screening of "Dark Matter," I got another screening pass for tonight at Metreon. So I decided to skip the screening of "Color Me Kubrick" that I originally planned to go, and went to the new spy movie "Breach" instead.


"Breach" is also based on a true story. Ryan Phillippe plays a junior FBI who is sent to a FBI agent Robert Hanssen's office. FBI is trying to catch Robert Hanssen (played by Chris Cooper) in the act of spying for the Soviet Union and Russia.

This film is totally engaging and brilliant, perhaps because it portraits really smart people. Everything is very believable, hence the film is thrilling from time to time. It's fascinating to see how they play psychological mind games and try to outsmart each other.

Laura Linney, Ryan Phillippe, and especially Chris Cooper all hit the right notes in this film to create memorable characters. With a great story plus the excellent performance, what do we get? A great spy film!

My rating: 9 out of 10.

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