Thursday, February 1, 2007


The Dead Girl

The Dead Girl I went to a prescreening of "The Dead Girl," which is not bad. It opens on Feb. 9.

In five segments, "The Dead Girl" tells stories from the perspective of five seemingly unrelated women, the stranger, the sister, the wife, the mother, and the dead girl. But in fact, they are all connected by a murder of that dead girl. And it's a life-altering event for all of them.

The images in this film are really creepy to look at sometimes. It scares me, just like these women who are afraid living in our violent society. Most of these actresses look languish on screen, on purpose. This is not a feel good film, but a deeply sad and creepy one, jammed with unfortunate hopeless women.

The real gem of this film is the superb performance, from all of these actors. This film should be used for teaching acting in college. These women are fantastic portraying these depressing characters. Many of them should get nominated for Oscars. But we all know, for an independent small film like this, that won't happen.

My rating: 7 out of 10.

Karen Moncrieff seems an interesting director. So I checked out her "Blue Car" today from the library.

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