Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Jesus Camp

Jesus Camp Oscar nominated documentary "Jesus Camp" is probably the most disturbing horror film I have seen that is not in the horror genre.

This documentary follows children at an evangelical Christian summer camp called "Kids on Fire." The camp is run by a pastor Becky Fischer, who understands extremely well that children are best to be indoctrinated (read: messed up) when they are 6 or 7 years old. So that's exactly she and her organization is doing. They run this camp to train future Christian foot soldiers, to take over America, and to do whatever they want, all in Jesus's name.

Witness how these kids are messed up is frightening. 75% of the evangelical children are home schooled. What were they taught at home by these Christian parents? Well, statements like "science doesn't prove anything," or "only 6 degree warmer is not global warming."

What's more chilling to see how a child is brainwashed like in this film?

While watching the film, I am absolutely horrified, because I am reminded by Hilter's Youth during World War II and Red Guards (红卫兵) during the Cultural Revolution in China. Now, we see Kids on Fire.

The only funny moment during the film is when the former evangelical preacher Ted Haggard said to the camera: "I know what you did last night!"


I surely hope this film will win the Oscar on Sunday for best documentary. I think it will.

My rating: 9 out of 10.

well im not talking about the film here,but the christians in us *where i ve never been*
i was amazed that, really, there are so many...
was thinking in twenty years should have happened the opposite
and im kind of happy, cause , well, lets not say why
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