Saturday, April 7, 2007


Breadwinners and Sugar Plum (爱的面包魂)

Breadwinners and Sugar Plum (爱的面包魂) Set in a small town in Taiwan, "The Soul of Bread" ("爱的面包魂" or "Breadwinners and Sugar Plum") tells a story about how a young bread maker's life, especially his love life, is turned upside down after a young Chinese British student moved in.

The father is an amateur band member and radio jock who wants to spend a fortunate to buy a guitar so he won't lose face to his fellow band member. Cake is a savvy bread maker in love with the daughter Xiao Ping, his childhood friend. Brad is a Chinese British culinary foreign student temporarily living with the family.

Cake feels threatened by Brad's arrival, not only for his bread making business, but for his love to Xiao Ping. The battle between Cake and Brad for Xiao Ping's love continues in the bakery through bread making, and sometimes, becomes physical.

This cute comedy creates a few very original and lively characters. The film is quite funny, for example, the father's daily broadcast to the local residents using his own loud speakers is hilarious.

Although the acting is not top notch, most of the actors did a decent job to bring this script to live.

After all, it's definitely true that you have to cook with love if you want your bread to taste good. It also true to film making.

My rating: 8 out of 10.

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