Sunday, May 6, 2007


SFiFF2007 - Along the Ridge (Anche libero va bene)

Along the Ridge (Anche libero va bene) Most time, I don't know what to expect from a film at a film festival, because I tried to read as little as possible before a screening. Today, I knew absolutely nothing before I watched an Italian film "Along the Ridge" ("Anche libero va bene," Italy 2006, 106 min., shown at the 50th SFiFF), and I am extremely delighted when I left the theatre.

Eleven-year-old Tommy lives with his mischievous sister Viola and his hot tempered, sometimes violent father, Renato. Where is the mother? I asked myself at the beginning of the film. So did Tommy's friends. "She comes and goes." Tommy answered. How this sensitive 11 years old deals with his family's conflicts will touch anyone who gets to see this film.

Along the Ridge (Anche libero va bene) This is a remarkable film telling a heart felt family story with rich and complex characters. Alessandro Morace gives a striking performance for this tender 11 year old boy Tommy who shows his enduring love toward his family members despite the hardships he has to handle. He has a pair of observant eyes that can say so much without any word. He is very quiet, but we get into his mind and world through his eyes, and observe as much as he does.

Although some subplots could have been eliminated to make the film more focused on this loving and troubled family, and the film's ending makes the film looks like unfinished, this film is still no doubt a great piece of solid work.

I wish this film had been the opening night film for the 50th SFiFF.


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