Monday, July 30, 2007


I Know Who Killed Me

I Know Who Killed Me Fine, I confess that I have seen "I Know Who Killed Me" (USA 2007, 105 min.). I didn't pay for it though; I saw it at a free pre-screening last week at Century San Francisco Centre.

Now I have so much sympathy for that poor Lindsay Lohan. I can totally understand her recent running into trouble with the law. (Lindsay, call me and I can talk this over with you free of charge.) How could somebody not to get drunk and high after making such a messed up (I should have used that F word) film?

What this movie is about? Well, depends on how this film is getting marketed. Some people want to see some skin of Lindsay Lohan since she plays a go-go dancer. But they will be disappointed because she probably wears more than folks on the Folsom Street Fair. However, you wouldn't see people humping on Folsom street after one arm and one leg are cut off, but you (are supposed to) see that in this film. Well, sort of. Use your imagination. Speaking of kinky.

Oh, right, the plot. It's about this girl who is kidnapped and tortured and then everybody gets a chance to scream or chop off somebody's hand or other body parts. Many scenes are gruesome for the sake of shocking values, so you will understand why Lindsay Lohan driving drunk, with somebody else's cocaine in the car as she claims.

I giggled so much during the film. It's not because it's a comedy, but because it's beyond belief how bad this film is. I wasn't alone. People around me are all giggling when we are not supposed to.

Here is an example how bad the film is. A guy walks into a classroom and whisper to a young teacher. The teacher turns to the students with a shaking voice:

"They found the body... [choked up] Don't ask me any question, because I don't have the answer."
Uh? Is the writer on drug too when he wrote this?

This is probably the worse film I have seen this year and I wish IMDB can allow me to vote with a negative score, and this film would get one.

After the film, "I Know Who Killed Me." It's Lindsay Lohan, or her agent. She should pray that the judge on her case won't see this film. Otherwise, she is doomed to have a very long sentence ahead of her, so she can be locked up for a while to prevent her from making another film like this.

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