Thursday, September 13, 2007


Mr. Woodcock

Mr. Woodcock I saw a very bad comedy "Mr. Woodcock" (USA 2007, 87 min.). It opens on Friday, Sep 14.

Seann William Scott plays a successful self-help book author. He returns to Kansas and finds out something terrifying: his mom, played by Susan Sarandon, is about to marry his abusive gym teacher, played by Billy Bob Thornton. He decides to do something to keep Thornton away from his mom.

I don't know what Susan Sarandon and Billy Bob Thornton were smoking when they agreed to make this film. The movie is full of tasteless and juvenile jokes that beg for a cheap laugh. Somebody please enlighten me: why is it funny when Seann William Scott dips Billy Bob Thornton's whistle into the toilet?

I should have known better that this film is gonna be so bad because Seann William Scott is in it. The only slightly funny part in the film is when Billy Bob Thornton says mean things like those in "Bad Santa". But the film neither has a sense of humor nor a coherent plot. It's a lifeless piece of frozen TV dinner.

Do Sarandon and Thornton really need that money by making garbage like this film? That seems a joke that is funnier than any scene from the film. What a waste of talents.

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