Thursday, January 24, 2008



Teeth I laughed pretty hard at an advance-screening of "Teeth" (USA 2007, 88 min.) tonight. It's not because the movie is funny that makes me laugh, but because I can't believe how gross and shocking some of the scenes are. Alright, that makes the movie actually darn funny.

Dawn is the poster girl at her high school for an organization called "The Promise" that pledges abstinence, even she has a step brother at home who does it like a rabbit. However, when Dawn's boyfriend loses his cool and breaks her pledge, she realizes that her vagina is different: it has teeth like sharks. It's called vagina dentata, I learned tonight.

So instead of dealing with the mess she is getting into with her boyfriend, her vagina begins an all-you-can-eat-buffet, certainly there will be blood.

We have seen gross stuff in movies like the "Scary Movie" series. But this movie has gone beyond that. The film is not shy away being over the top and outrageous. It actually works at first and people laugh due to disbelief. However, when similar jokes repeat again and again, scenes begin to gross people out instead of being funny. When a dog spit out a stud pierced on a penis, the audience revolt at its coarseness.

For those who don't believe people born to be gay, I think they can use this film as their education material — if I were straight, I would be gay after watching the film.

When I walk out the theater, still giggling, I keep wondering: does Dawn floss her teeth?

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