Sunday, February 10, 2008


In Bruges

In Bruges If you don't know where Bruges is or how to pronounce it, you will know after the film "In Bruges" (UK/Belgium 2008, 107 min.). Bruges is charming and beautiful by itself. But this funny, smart, well crafted film will have such a greater impact than any Visitor's Bureau can ever dream of.

Colin Farrell plays Ray, a hitman who causes a terrible tragedy during a hit job. Ray's foul mouth boss Harry (Ralph Fiennes) sends Ray to Bruges with Ray's hitman buddy Ken (Brendan Gleeson), so Ray can enjoyed the beautiful city in Bruges before he is finished off due to the hit job accident. However, haunted by what happened, Ray thinks Bruges is a shit-hole. He definitely doesn't enjoy Bruges sceneries like Ken does. Meanwhile Ken develops compassion toward Ray that prevents him from carrying out his hit job order. The story gets even more complicated when a few film crew members in Bruges get involved.

The film is brilliant in developing its characters and exploring the complex relationship among these hitmen. Their jobs are killing people, but they are portrayed as heartless or soulless. In fact, quite the contrary, they seem all hold a higher moral standard, which makes these refreshing characters more distinct, and funny. Colin Farrell creates his most entertaining role up to date.

Even with the heavy Irish accent, the dialogues are extremely funny and quirky. Some the pop culture references about the US images are hilarious and as deep as to the bone.

This film is definitely a must-see before you ever send a postcard from Bruges, or before you are "finished."

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