Wednesday, May 14, 2008


The Machine Girl (片腕マシンガール)

The Machine Girl (片腕マシンガール) How should a teenager revenge after being bullied at school? How about let the bullies water your lawn? With their blood, that is. At least that's how it turns out in this blood spraying, body parts flying, kung fu fighting, over-the-top Japanese film "The Machine Girl" (片腕マシンガール, Japan/USA 2007, 96 min.).

In "The Machine Girl," a teenager girl Ami loses her little brother to school bullies. During her quest of revenge, she loses one arm. However, she replaces it with a machine gun that is more powerful than a lawn mower. She vigorously continues her battles with her enemies, of course, with a lot blood shed.

Although this is that kind of movies that the audiences are not supposed to reasoning the details, the storyline in this film is surprisingly engaging. Despite the fact that these characters seem more real in computer games than in real life, the film doesn't create one-dimensional cartoon characters,

All the characters in this film seem to forget to take their high blood pressure medicines—when their body parts get cut, which happen quite often, their blood spray out stronger than a firefighter's water hose. And, it keeps going. If we put these guys on a lawn, the lawn will be always green. I mean, red.

The film is so over the top that it's very funny. How can I not to laugh when I see a giant "Arm Tempura" (a deep fried arm coated with flour batter)?

The Machine Girl (片腕マシンガール)

I normally don't fancy blood genre, but this film is "bloody" fun, indeed.

"The Machine Girl," will be screened at the San Francisco's 5th "Another Hole in the Head Film Festival".

According to the press conference, "with more than 30 films from six counties, Another Hole in the Head Film Festival offers two weeks of bloodsucking parasitic monsters, angry ghosts, genetic manipulation, maniacs, killer hair, assassins, stalkers, psychos, zombies, aliens, and more macabre mayhem than you can shake a stick at, aim a pistol at, or blast a flamethrower towards."

The 5th San Francisco "Another Hole in the Head Film Festival" will run June 5-18, 2008 at Roxie Theater.


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