Friday, June 13, 2008


The Incredible Hulk

The Incredible Hulk If the memory of King Kong starts to fade in one's mind, a new action packed, fast paced, superhero themed blockbuster "The Incredible Hulk" (USA 2008, 114 min.) brings all the excitement back, featuring a giant green angry man, the Hulk, who is probably more powerful than his distant cousin King Kong.

Comic character Hulk is Dr. Bruce Banner, who becomes a green monster with powerful strength after an experiment went bad, or well, depending on who you ask. In 2003, director Ang Lee's film "Hulk" brought this character to the big screen, but was poorly received by Hulk's fans. This new promising "The Incredible Hulk" will change that, and it will very likely start a new wave of Hulk frenzy.

In "The Incredible Hulk", Edward Norton plays Bruce Banner, a.k.a. Hulk. His blood has been altered so that when he becomes angry, he explodes into bullet proof Hulk, who has extremely powerful strength. He tries to find a cure to return back to normal, but he is sought by a US military general who wants to turn him into a weapon. However, during the process of catching Hulk, the general creates another monster that perhaps only Hulk has the ability to control. A battle is guaranteed to happen, in New York City. Where else?

The Incredible Hulk

Edward Norton is the perfect guy to play Hulk, because he is always sad, if not angry. Besides his smirk in "Primal Fear," can anybody recall a smile from any roles he ever played? In order to transfer Bruce Banner into the green giant Hulk, all he needs to do is to get his heart beat faster. Getting angry does the trick perfectly.

Like most superhero flick, the plot is somewhat formulaic. However, the energy and the dazzling special effects in this film will keep the audiences engaged and entertained. They will beg for a sequel, or sequels.

Even at the end of the film, another superhero walks into a bar, thinking about teaming up with Hulk. Let the speculation about the sequel begin when one walks out "The Incredible Hulk."

Incredible, indeed.

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