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Stuck After screened at the San Francisco IndieFest earlier this year, "Stuck" (USA 2007, 94 min.) brings blood, thrill, and twisted humor back to Bay area theaters.

Mena Suvari plays Brandi, a nurse at a retirement home who is about to get promoted. But on the way home after an outing with her drug dealer boyfriend, she hits homeless man Tom, played by Stephen Rea. However, she does not stop or call 911. She continues to drive, back into her garage. Hit and run? Not really, because Tom is still with her—he is "stuck" on her windshield. Whether Tom will survive is anybody's guess, but one thing is certain: there will be blood.

Nobody would really expect these characters to be realistic no matter how the story claims to be based on a true event. However, these actors put in their best effort trying to make them convincing, thus make the film really funny.

How could a caring nurse be so cold blooded and continues her driving when somebody stuck in her windshield? Somehow, she thinks that as long as nobody sees the man on her windshield, her problem will all go away and her promotion will not be affected.

Evidently, that plot is just an vehicle for the film to deliver the real gig—testing how strong audiences' stomach can be. The film deliberately shows the glory bloody scene to make one moan. It knows that one might have been covering eyes. No problem! It takes its time on a scene so that by the time the eyes are open again, they won't miss anything.

That makes the film bloody funny.


Although this film is not a cup of tea (or blood) for everybody, it will definitely find its followers who are delighted by its twisted humor.

No one can understand what Brandi is thinking when she is doing everything to cover up the accident in order to be able to go back cleaning the feces soiled sheets. However, if she didn't do what she does, the film would not have existed.


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