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Tru Loved

 Tru Loved It has come a long way since the release of a teenager coming out film "Beautiful Things" in 1996—Gay marriage has become legal in some countries, and even some states in the US, including California; The Gay-Straight Alliance Network (GSAs) has grown from 40 clubs to 650 clubs in California State's high schools. However, coming out and fighting homophobic in high school continues to be a challenge for many teenagers and adult to face today. "Tru Loved" (USA 2007, 99 Min.), one of the showcase films at Frameline 32, impressively tells a story about how a group of high school teenagers deal with sexuality and homophobia in their daily lives by forming a GSA club at their high school.

Sixteen years old Tru (Najarra Townsend) moves to suburban Southern California with her two lesbian moms, away from her two gay dads living in San Francisco. She becomes an instant outcast in her new high school, where she meets a closeted gay football player Lo (Matthew Thompson). Fed up by the homophobia at school and the drama for being the cover for Lo at school, Tru decides to form a Gay-Straight Alliance club at her high school. The GSA clubs not only causes a big stir at school, including the mid of her closeted teacher (Alec Mapa), it also connects Tru with a handsome charming Trevor (Jake Abel), who is raised by his gay uncle (Bruce Vilanch).

It's amazing how Tru's life is surrounded by gay people, even she no longer lives in San Francisco; and everyone seems gay friendly except the homophobic football coach at school. Luckily, the strong performance and the engaging story line leave the audiences little time to wonder if this setting exists in real life.

With an extraordinary ensemble casts, the film delivers positive messages without preaching. Thanks to the terrific writing, the film creates a few memorable and convincing characters, and they speak witty, hilarious words without sounding cliché. It seems that the film can go wrong at so many places while the story is unfolding. Yet, the film miraculously dances its way out of a landmine field, not only without many scratches, it also holds its head up high. It stands out to become an excellent coming out film for teenager and adult film goers, gay or straight, to enjoy.

Tru Loved

"Tru Loved" will be screened at Frameline 32.


Najarra is a wonderful actress. I was very impressed with her both on and off screen. I did have a chance to speak with her in New York.

I posted the interview here.
Sixteen-year-old Tru is uprooted by her lesbian moms from her comfortable gay-friendly home in San Francisco and moved to a conservative, suburban community in Southern California. Tru’s only friend is a closeted football player, and even that friendship is jeopardized when she starts the school’s first Gay-Straight Alliance...

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