Friday, June 27, 2008



Wanted If you are ever curious about fraternities and their initiation process (a.k.a. hazing), an exciting action thriller "Wanted" (USA 2008, 113 min.) definitely provides some insights, even the fraternity is not an ordinary beer drinking one on a college campus—it is a fraternity of assassins.

A broke office clerk Wesley Gibson (James McAvoy) has special physical ability that he is not aware himself. Reluctantly, he gets selected into this fraternity of assassins, headed by Sloan (Morgan Freeman).

To transform Wesley from a Dilbert into a professional assassin, Cox (Angelina Jolie) and other old fraternity members brutally train Wesley during the hazing process—they basically torture him into pieces. Soon enough, Wesley goes on his assassination assignments, and discovers the shocking truth about the fraternity.

These characters seem all have an incredible ability to endure physical trauma and to recover from any injury in no time. All of them seem less complex than those weapons they use, and their minds can be easily manipulated.

However, these characters are not what this exhilarating film is about.

This film is about hair raising actions, the shock-and-awe fighting choreography, incredible creative imaginations, and the beautiful race car driving, machine gun shooting, tattoo covering, ass kicking Angelina Jolie. No matter what character she plays in a movie, people will see Angelina Jolie, period. So the film does not bother to spend much effort on her character. Instead, it focuses on her actions, and how she kills her targets.

Nobody can deny that the action sequences are crafted together brilliantly in this film.


After the film, you will know how to get on a missed train—fasten your seat belt in Angelina Jolie's car. She can get you there, and it will be a fantastic amazing ride!

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