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Happy-Go-Lucky Oscar nominated director Mike Leigh's immensely entertaining and optimistic comedy "Happy-Go-Lucky" (UK 2008, 117 min.) will leave the audience giggling for a long time after the film is over.

The film's protagonist is a refreshing character Poppy (Sally Hawkins), who is a school teacher. She is a genuinely happy and looks at almost everything in a positive way. When her bicycle gets stolen at the beginning of the film, her response is: "I didn't get a chance to say good-bye!"

The story follows her daily life, work, and romance. She hangs out with her friends at pubs. She takes tango lessons to dance like a real Gypsy. She learns how to drive from a grouchy angry driving couch Scott (Eddie Marsan). The big contrast in strong personality between Poppy and Scott create numerous hilarious comic moments.

No matter what she is doing, Poppy's infectious laugh is from her true self. For her, it is not necessary to have a reason to be happy and to enjoy life to the fullest. Obviously many people including some characters in the film disagree with her. That does not concern Poppy at all. She is still laughing.

Both Sally Hawkins and Eddie Marsan deserves an Oscar nomination for the terrific performance in this film. Sally Hawkins already won the Silver Bear Award for Best Actress at this year's Berlin International Film Festival.


"Happy-Go-Lucky" is a feel good film that inspires the audiences to be happy-go-lucky. That does not mean that everybody will be happy about the film, because some might be very jealous about Poppy's happiness.

"Happy-Go-Lucky" opens today in theaters.

The film is also screened at the 31st Mill Valley Film Festival.


Awful. I guess I was jealous
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