Friday, September 18, 2009


Jennifer's Body

Jennifer's Body Wouldn't it be great to see Juno (pregnant or not) making smart alec remarks while running for life from a vampire? That is perhaps everyone's expectation from Academy Award winner Diablo Cody's new script for a horror flick "Jennifer's Body" (USA 2009 | 102 min.).

However, as if a ghost has put a curse on her Oscar win, the teenagers in this film can hardly say anything even remotely as funny as those high schoolers in "Juno." Director Karyn Kusama ("Girlfight") crafts a few girly fights even a girly kiss in the movie. However, these acts only show how desperately the film seeks for attention. The film still looks lifeless as if a vampire sucks out of its flesh and blood, and definitely all of its funny bones.

Needy (Amanda Seyfried) is a nerdy teenager. Although she might not be a popular one at school, she not only gets herself a mellow boyfriend Chip (Johnny Simmons), she also has the most popular girl Jennifer (Megan Fox) as her "best friend forever." After a night out in a local pub goes bad, Needy realizes that Jennifer is "actually evil, not high school evil." Needy goes to the the shabbiest and direst places to have a cat fight with Jennifer. There will be blood.

Megan Fox stars as Jennifer Check in 20th Century Fox's Jennifer's Body (2009). Photo by Doane Gregory

Despite a few sickening scenes, the film lacks the excitement and extremity other fun gore flicks have. That makes this horror film less campy nor scary.

The film's title might suggest that Jennifer's body is a main attraction. However, the most revealing part is just Jennifer's plumber's crack.

Finally, when the film is only mildly amusing, there is really not much left to see in "Jennifer's Body," even when Jennifer is not hungry.

"Jennifer's Body" opens on Friday, September 18, at Bay Area theaters.

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