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Motherhood Can you imagine that Sarah Palin being a stay-home-mom wrestling with babies and house work or being a writer in front of her computer? No? What about let Uma Thurman put on a pair of glasses looked like Sarah Palin and playing that role? If you still cannot imagine it, you are in luck. That's what happens in writer/director Katherine Dieckmann's new film "Motherhood" (USA 2009 | 90 min.). In this comedy about big city moms, Uma Thurman tries exhaustively to convince us that she presents one of those moms, but she shows us anything but.

Eliza Welsh (Uma Thurman) is a fiction writer turning into blogger and cares her two young children at home. On her daughter's sixth birthday, she scrambles around the New York City to prepare her birthday party, and absolutely nothing can go smoothly. She constantly arguing or fighting just about with anybody she encounters during the day: agitated shoppers, snobbish neighbors, annoyed best friend (Minnie Driver), absent husband (Anthony Edwards), and of course, others moms in the playground. Will she be able to pull her daughter's birthday party off while reevaluating her dream and the meaning of her life? Try to predict the outcome before you watch the film, and I bet you will be correct.

Uma Thurman in MOTHERHOOD

The film could have worked if the casting were different. Uma Thurman tries very hard to be funny and to be an everyday stay-home-mom. However, I cannot shake off the image of her waving a sword in "Kill Bill," just like I can only see Sarah Palin shooting a defenseless deer instead of stuffing gift bags for a little girl's birthday party. I don't see much chemystry between Eliza and her husband—perhaps because they have been married for a while as the movie suggests. Everybody seems memorizing the lines and speaking those words simply because they are in the script. One exception is the handsome mail delivery man, who stands out as the most convincing and charming character in the film, before he starts to dance.

After the film, I want to say one thing to Uma Thurman, badly—what ever you do, don't be a stay-home-mom.

"Motherhood" opens on Friday, Oct 23, 2009 at Bay Area theaters.

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